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If you would like to make a monetary donation to Starfish, simply click on the yellow Donate Now box at the bottom or top right corner of this page.  You can also help Starfish-- see how by clicking on our Daily Needs, Fundraising, or Volunteering pages.   

SPECIAL CONCERT BENEFIT!  All Proceeds got to the Starfish Babies!

Natalee Lence, a classic pianist, is hosting a benefit concert on behalf of the Starfish Foster Home.  All proceeds from the concert will go to helping our babies.

While we realize that all of you cannot travel to Oregon in person for this event, we invite you to "virtually" participate by viewing the attached video on Natalee:

You can attend the concert "in spirit" by donating $15 to the Natalee Lence Evening Concert Benefit. Click the "Donate Now" yellow button.  Natalee's Benefit is listed


Our House

The main renovation tasks of the Starfish’s new house are over. Our babies now live in a spacious, convenient and safe environment. We would like to thank you all for your donations dedicated to the Starfish Home Renovation Project. However, we still need your help for maintenance, small repairs and the cost of utilities. Therefore, donations dedicated to housing are still welcomed.

Our Staff

Starfish Foster Home is growing and in order to give love and care to all our babies, we are currently hiring almost 30 nannies. On one hand, we would like to maintain our caregiver ratio of approximately 2:1. On the other hand, we would like to enable nannies to work regularly with certain children to not only create a bond, but to better learn that child's special health needs and associated behaviors. In consequence, donations dedicated to our staff are welcomed.

Surgical operations

The mission of Starfish is to save the lives of Chinese orphans with special health needs. Virtually every child under the care of Starfish will require surgery. Starfish strives to provide the best medical attention available in mainland China to meet the needs of babies facing complex medical problems such as spina bifida, heart conditions, and cleft lips and palettes. Therefore, surgical operations and stays in hospitals are a great source of expenditure for Starfish. As a result, donations dedicated to surgical operations are welcomed.

To download our tax exempt letter, click here.

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